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A few suggestions

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A few suggestions

Post by Kodemikkel on Sun Apr 10, 2016 8:59 pm

A few of you may already have met me ingame, if not - I joined a few days ago, and I have some suggestions for improvement on some points.
I do believe this server has the potential of becoming great (even better than it is), which is why I put so much effort into finding bugs and suggesting features/changes.
I am sure that not everyone is going to like all of my suggestions (especially the devs.), but people have different opionions. Without further ado, here are my suggestions:

  • Features/Changes:

    • Features:

      • Bank presets:

        Why wouldn't you want presets? One for herblore, one for bossing, one for PvP - one click, and it's loaded. The possibilities are unlimited! (Well, not really, but you get my point).

      • FoG Imp:

        Just like a charming imp, except instead of collecting charms, it collects FoGs from your drops.

      • Toolbelt:

        Toolbelt would be much appreciated, as it allows you to add all your favourite tools, and you don't need to have them all
        in your inventory.

        (Just had to include that picture Very Happy).

      • True skill mastery:

        Skillcapes for true skill mastery. Either 104m xp, which equals 120, or at 200m xp. (Maybe even both?)

    • Changes:

      • Animations:

        Fire cape animation - I would love to see a slower animation for the fire cape, more like it is in regular Runescape.
        The same also applies for Magic trees, and quite a few other animations.
        I've also figured out that a few of the animations for certain actions are not working properly. (Included in the "Bugs" section)
        I've included a few gifs below for comparison. (Left one is from real RS, right is from HappyScape).

        As you probably can see, the faster animations are horrible to watch. Especially when chopping magic trees where there are a few of them.

      • Consistency:

        In regards to the teleports, some have full names - like "::farming", whilst some have a short version of the name - like "::hunt". Consistency would be appreciated Smile (I know this is knitpicking, but I really do like consistency).

      • Delay:

        The delay between killing a monster and being able to attack another one is too high. (I think this is caused by long death animations?)

      • Examine text:

        A proper examine text for objects/items would be neat. (This will require a lot of boring work though).

      • Herblore xp:

        Overloads yield 4.8m experience each, well, you make two each time, so I guess for 2. In my opinion this is way too much experience. I got from 96-99 in one(two) overload(s).
        Within 5 minutes, I earned 200m experience in Herblore during double xp - as each yielded a stunning 9.6m xp!

      • Max Cape requirements:

        As the name implies - MAX cape - you should only be able to wear this once you're maxed. (Of course, if a skill is not working, it should be excluded from the requirements). I am able to equip this on my account with FOUR 99s.

      • Shop area:

        There is an empty shop area. I don't think this is needed, as we have shops at home.

      • Skilling areas:

        Again, not really a feature, but the lack of a better place to add it made me put it here.
        We have nice skilling areas. Why do we need the same kind of skilling items at home? Home skilling items are actually better than the dedicated skilling area(s).
        For example, at home, there are cursed magic trees, as well as a furnace and anvil directly by the rocks. This makes me feel that the skilling areas are obsolete.

      • Teleports:

        There is no "::smith"/"::smithing" teleport (figured that out when I made this post).

      • Unclick-trough-able dialogues:

        Right now it is possible to click through, and hit the ground if you miss on "Click to continue" in the chat box. (When there are any dialogues there). This is annoying, as your character suddenly runs far away, and you have to go through the dialogue again.

  • Economy:

    • Grand Exchange:

      I know you're already planning it/working on it, and that's amazing. I also believe this change requires the most work, so I don't expect it tomorrow, or next week for that matter (unless you're nearly done with it).

    • Money pouch:

      Not sure if this belongs under "Features" or "Economy", but anyways - It is a great way to store your money, it means you don't need to have all your cash in your bank, and it also removes the need to go to your bank to get your money.
      (I know Maurice has added a "::moneyvault", and this is a step in the right direction. Although, when money are stored there, you should be able to spend it without withdrawing it. This requires too much work to actually be practical - at least in my opinion).

    • Price checker:

      A price checker similar to that of RS. This makes it so much easier to get a somewhat precise price check on any items. I know there are forum posts about prices, but one in-game would be really nice.
      I believe a (good) price checker requires G.E to function properly, as it needs some database to check for prices. (It would
      also be possible to just use high alch values, or resell values)

      (Middle button is price checker, for those of you who don't know)

    • Resell prices:

      In my opinion, the cash you get for selling items to the "Sell to Me" shop is way too low. I think it should be possible to earn a "living" out of skilling - and not just thieving or bosskilling/PvM/PvP.
      As an example; uncut Dragonstone costs 50 000gp, and sells for 500. If you cut the Dragonstone before selling, it sells for 5 000. Magic logs sell for 160gp.
      I'm not saying everything should be profitable, but some things should.

  • Bugs:

    • Technical:

      • Initializing the client:

        Not sure if this only happened to me, but anyways. First time I started the client, it said "Scanning" or something similar. The screen was just black with that text in the top-left corner. To stop this from happening, I had to make the client window small, and not do auto-setup.

      • Random logouts/client closing:

        I've been experiencing that I am sometimes randomly logged out for no reason - could even be in the middle of a fight. I have to wait a few minutes to log back in, as my "account has not logged out of previous session".
        My client also suddenly closes down for some reason, giving me no warnings what so ever. Although it is generated an error report for the crashes - saying something about "Failed to write core dump. Minidumps are not enabled by default on client versions of Windows". (I'm running Windows 10 Home, 64-bit)

    • In-game:

      • 200m xp tokens:

        I'm sure you're all aware of the 200m xp token bug, where you get a token each time you get 200m xp in any skill. However, you get new ones each time you log in.
        And it is also only possible to use one of them.

      • Animations:

        Animation for e.g. Kree'arra and her minions are not working correctly, and it is not possible to see who is maging, and who is ranging. The same applies for Infernal Mages. Not sure if applies for more monsters, will need a closer checkup.

      • Bank tabs:

        Bank tabs are awesome! However, they do require some work. First of all, it is not possible to create more than 4 tabs (5 including the default), and it is not possible to access the last tab.
        Clicking the last tab will switch to the second-last tab, and clicking the first tab will switch to the default tab. This basically means that there is missing a button for the default tab.
        Illustrated after best manner in the gifs below.

      • BoB bank:

        The "Deposit BoB inventory" is not working. You have to manually withdraw items from your familiars inventory and insert it into your bank. However, it is possible to right click the Summoning icon near your minimap, and click "Take BoB" while you're in your bank. This will empty your familiars inventory into your own inventory. (If you have any empty inventory slots, that is).

      • BoB inventory:

        When your familiar timer runs out, you better not have items in its inventory. If you do, well, those items are lost. It gives you a small warning in the chat, but it does not drop the items on the ground. It just disappears.
        This also happens if you die whilst having a familiar. It will dismiss, and all the items in its inventory will be lost.

      • Crafting/Smithing:

        The crafting/smelting interfaces are bugged. It is not possible to view the items in the tabs, so you have to guess which tab is the right bar when smelting. The same happens when crafting, although when you're cutting gems, you don't really need to see the gem in the tab, as you already should know what gem you're cutting.
        (Found out that this bug actually happens on a lot of similar interfaces, not just crafting and smithing).



      • Completionist cape:

        Completionist cape should act as an Ava's Alerter, although it does not retrieve your bolts. My bolts were left on the ground for me to pick up.

      • Dragonfire shield:

        The Dragonfire shield special ability does not work. Trying to click "Activate" while wearing it will remove it from your equipped items and place it in your inventory.

      • Examine:

        It is possible to examine items in your bank, but not in your inventory.

      • Farming:

        The way farming works now is okay, I guess. However, there are a few problems. Well, I've noticed one in particular.
        Lets say you plant Dwarf Weed. You go on with your business while you wait for the herb to finish growing, and suddenly you receive the message of harvest time. You rush to your farming patch to harvest your newly grown Dwarf Weed, but wait! You don't have any seeds in your inventory - which means you cannot harvest it! You have to go to the bank to get Dwarf Weed seeds (and not any other seed - covered by next sentence), to harvest it - What a waste of time (and XP)!

        Now, what if you plant your Dwarf Weed, and don't have any Dwarf Weed seeds in your inventory? Maybe you used the last one when you planted? You rush to your patch to harvest your Dwarf Weed, but when you pick it up, it looks kind of strange, it kind of resembles a Torstol, even though you aren't 90 farming. Well, this is what happens when you have another, higher level seed in your inventory.

      • Hunter:

        When you advance a hunter level, it displays in the chat box, showing the dungeoneering icon. To get rid of the blinking icon in your stats, you need to click construction. (Vice versa when leveling construction.)
        Also, when you pick up an empty trap, your character glitches, and is apparently not moving. Although u can still interact with the environment (set new traps etc.) you can not see your character moving. Teleporting or relogging solves this issue until you do the same thing again (doh!).

      • Jad attacks:

        Currently, TzTok-Jad attacks way too fast. I tried killing him with curses only, but I was unable to switch prayers fast enough as the attack is calculated when the animation begins, rather when it ends/is midway through. (Of course, this may be me being stupid. Altough I showed it to Josh, and he agreed it was kind of fast.)

      • Pickups:

        It is not possible to pick up stacked items (like FoGs) if your inventory is full. Even if you have the stacked item in inventory.

      • Trading bug:

        If you trade someone, on the last trading screen, it is possible for one player to close the trading window without actually declining the trade.
        For example, player 1 and player 2 trades. Player 1 is going to give a coin to poor player 2. However, on the second trading screen, he realizes, right as he clicks accept, that he don't want to give this player 2 a coin. So he would like to cancel the trade before player 2 can accept. Player 1 is stressed to death about losing his 1 coin, so he promptly just closes the trading window.
        What player 1 has not realized, is that closing the window has not really cancelled the trade, and as player 2 hits accept on the second screen (which is still open for him), he receives the one coin from player 1. Who is furious about losing his one gp.
        (If player 1 had pressed the "Decline" button, the trade would be declined).

  • Safety:

    • Forum password:

      This should probably be on top, anyways.
      When you register on the forum, you get an email sent to you containing your login information. The message also states that your password is safely encrypted in a database. I'm not a fan of this one bit. You should NOT get your password sent to you by email, this is a major security flaw. Anyone with access to your email account, will also have access to your HappyScape account (and most likely every other site you've ever used).
      The email itself also makes me doubt the fact that my password is actually stored safely in a database.
      I am a little into web development myself - I know PHP, HTML, JavaScript & CSS. And sending passwords in plaintext is a big no-no.

      For obvious reasons I've blurred my password, but this is NOT acceptable! (Because of Outlook I could not capture the entire message, but I got the most important part).

    • Retrieving passwords:

      A little bird told me that it is possible for owners to retrieve a players password. This is also something I strongly dislike.
      No one should be able to obtain your password, no matter if it's a normal player or an owner.

(If you haven't yet figured, I really like lists).
I could probably have included a lot more images/gifs for reference, but I choose not to. This takes too long to be worthwhile.
I will try to keep this post updated as I figure out new stuff.


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