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Donation List

Post by Josh on Sun Apr 10, 2016 3:38 pm

All Donations are none Refundable


donator cape
ragefire, steadfast, glaiven boots
donator dung
bulldog pet
small wing set

price: $10

Super Donator

superdonator cape
lite whip
medium wing set
duel drygores of choice
1 nex set of choice
access to superdonator shop
+all donator stuff

price: $25

Respected donator

respected donator cape
doomed whip
elite torva set
pernix set
virtus set
jad pet
large wing set
1 custom rare of choice
+all donator and superdonator stuff

price: $50


doomed whip - 10$

doomed spirit shield - 5$

spirit shield set (without doomed) - 5$

partyhat set - 10$

3rd age melee set - 5$

3rd age mage set - 5$

3rd age druidic set - 10$

3rd age range set - 3$

custom rare of choice 5$

We are currently accepting RS3 and Oldschool GP
If you don't live in the UK you can still donate, just try to donate the equivalent in whatever currency you use.
Each rank comes with their respected items.

If you would like to donate you can donate to Owen via PayPal. Email: owen.pow1998@gmail.com (If you donate send a message with the donation for the account you are donating for)

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